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A Thanksgiving Story

For Thanksgiving this year, the young woman pulled her box of china from under the stairs.  She had often heard other women say that china should be used regularly throughout the year but this china was special and she had children with slippery hands.  It was a lovely little set.  Off-white in color with a delicate wheat pattern and each plate, cup, and saucer was rimmed in gold.

She removed the three plates, bowls, and cups from the box and washed them gently.  Three.  One for her and two for her children.  This was the first year since her divorce and she noticed a slight ache in her heart--a small nagging of guilt and pain and "what if?"  She had always said that she would never get divorced and felt pain for her children although they both seemed remarkably well-adjusted.

The marriage relationship had turned abusive through the years.  She had tried everything that she knew to do but a time had come when she had to leave for the health of her children.  Plenty of peopl…